Your First Gun

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If you suffer a break in at home, can you protect yourself or your family? Would you be forced to dial 911... and wait? When seconds count, the police are just minutes away -- that's why so many Americans have made a safe and prudent choice to keep at least one firearm at home. Maybe it's time for you to do that too. While you still can.

Despite fear mongering in the news, tens of millions of people keep and bear arms and always have. It s a fun, practical, safe sport and tradition. It s true. Find out why!

In plain English and without the macho mumbo jumbo, Your First Gun moves past the scare stories and myths, and in simple Q&A format answers the key questions non-gun owners wonder about, that gun owners take for granted.

Get this book for yourself, or for friends and relatives who fear guns to help them move past their worries, to at least understand why so many good, decent, honest people keep guns for all the right reasons. The media hides these truths from the public -- you can actually help change the public debate and improve the safety of American society by putting this rational common-sense information in the hands of people you know and love.

Your First Gun


Alan Korwin, author of six books and co-author of eight others, is a full-time freelance writer, consultant and businessman with a twenty-five-year track record. He is a founder and two-term past president of the Arizona Book Publishing Association, which has presented him with its Visionary Leadership award, named in his honor, the Korwin Award. He has received national awards for his publicity work as a member of the Society for Technical Communication, and is a past board member of the Arizona chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

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