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Give the Gift of the 2nd Amendment

Gun Owners of America Christmas gift package includes:
 - Annual Membership to Gun Owners of America
 - GOA Decal and Bumper Sticker
 - Monthly mailing and Newsletter

Your gift will help to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights

Gun Owners of America keeps its basic minimum dues as low as possible ($20) so the greatest number of citizens can participate in our efforts to restore and preserve the nation's right to keep and bear arms. However, the success of our legislative efforts depends upon the generosity of those who can afford to give more. All contributions to our lobbying efforts are used exclusively to support or oppose firearms legislation.

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This is the perfect gift for family members, friends, co-workers & employees. 

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Gift Membership

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Because Gun Owners of America is allowed by law to spend every penny of your donation lobbying Congress on behalf of Second Amendment Rights, your donation to GOA is not tax-deductible