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  1. After Oklahoma City

    After Oklahoma City

    Regular Price: $6.95

    Special Price $4.95

    A grieving grandmother uncovers shocking truths about the bombing... and herself. Learn More
  2. Confrontational Politics

    Confrontational Politics


    Confrontational Politics
    by Sen. H.L. Richardson, Ret. What's the matter with the Republicans? GOA founder and chairman Richardson answers that question in Confrontational Politics. During 22 years of legislative experience, Sen. Richardson found that the only thing that got things done was confrontation. Democrats typically understand confrontation, like it and use it. Conversely, Republicans do not understand confrontation, don't like it and flee from it. Many who have already read the book have reported that "Now I understand why Republicans keep losing." Readers of Confrontational Politics will also learn about the lobbying philosophy that has earned GOA's reputation as the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington. Learn More
  3. Discipling

    Discipling the Nations: The Government Upon His Shoulder

    Regular Price: $44.95

    Special Price $24.95

    Rather than an ethereal call to Christians to disciple the world (as Christ of course commanded us to do), author Dennis Woods offers a practical course of action for Americans who wish to return to our founding principles under God. Learn More
  4. Fire and Smoke

    Fire and Smoke

    Regular Price: $12.95

    Special Price $5.95

    The state of Mississippi's lawsuit against tobacco companies in 1994 was quickly emulated by more than a dozen other states and then the federal government. Not to be outdone, more than a dozen cities and the federal government have followed the City of New Orleans's lead and sued gun manufacturers. Do these lawsuits signal new directions for more effective public policy or a new and dangerous trend whereby governments use tort law to achieve public policy objectives they were unable to accomplish legislatively? In this new policy report, so-called government "recoupment" lawsuits are carefully examined and found to be flagrant abuses of the constitutional separation of powers, seriously undermining over two hundred years of common-law torts adjudication. Author Michael Krauss, a leading legal scholar on the relationship between tort law and personal freedoms, systematically dissects the tobacco and firearm recoupment lawsuits. He shows how such lawsuits betray every criterion of sound, effective, and just tort law. The lawsuits against gun manufacturers can show no damages, no proximate causation, and no wrongdoing. Similarly, governments have no direct damages to claim against tobacco manufacturers and cannot legally stand in the place of individual smokers or their families. Fire & Smoke concludes that recoupment lawsuits are incompatible with civil freedoms, representative democracy, and the rule of law upon which institutions of a free society depend. Learn More
  5. From My Cold Dead Fingers: Why America Needs Guns

    From My Cold Dead Fingers: Why America Needs Guns


    Why America Needs Guns Sheriff Mack clearly outlines why the unrestricted right of the people as individuals "to keep and bear arms" is essential to the preservation of both individual liberty and domestic tranquility. Mack reminds us of facts that were self-evident to earlier generations of Americans, but which are all but forgotten in today's climate of incessant cries for more gun control. Concise and compelling, this book is an indispensable resource for any lover of freedom. This is one of the most essential books ever written on the Second Amendment. Learn More
  6. Georgia Burns

    Georgia Burns


    Rumors of War - Book One Learn More
  7. Gun Rites

    Gun Rites


    Black Ops agents in Washington send thugs to murder Clark Evans, a national leader in the struggle to preserve 2nd Amendment rights Learn More
  8. Gun Saint

    Gun Saint

    Regular Price: $10.95

    Special Price $9.95

    In 1860, St. Gabriel Possenti rescued the villagers of Isola,Italy from a gang of terrorists with a striking, one-shot, lizard-slaying demonstration of handgun marksmanship.

    St. Gabriel Possenti died two years later. In 1920, Pope Benedict XV canonized him in Rome.

    This volume relates the story of St. Gabriel Possenti and of the author's campaign to make him and his life known to the general public. The author seeks the Saint's official Vatican designation as Patron of Handgunners. The book tells of support for and opposition to the designation.

    Learn More
  9. Michael Moore

    Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man


    Loaded with well-researched, solidly reasoned arguments and laced with irreverent wit, Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man fires back at one of the Left's largest targets - politically and literally. Learn More
  10. Michael New: Mercenary or American Soldier

    Michael New: Mercenary or American Soldier


    3rd Editions Revised Paperback Learn More
  11. On The Firing Line

    On The Firing Line

    Regular Price: $17.95

    Special Price $9.95

    This 327 page collection of thought-provoking essays will help equip those who are eager to preserve individual liberty and those who want to arm themselves with rational and coherent information. Learn More
  12. Safeguarding Liberty

    Safeguarding Liberty

    Regular Price: $15.00

    Special Price $9.95

    Larry Pratt, editor Paperback Learn More
  13. Saving Freedom

    Saving Freedom

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price $16.95

    Senator DeMint illuminates key principles of freedom and how they are being compromised by big government. The author lays out a complete action plan to reclaim these freedoms and reverse America's cultural decline by restoring a strong spirit of God and country. Learn More
  14. Securing Civil Rights

    Securing Civil Rights

    Regular Price: $22.95

    Special Price $18.95

    Paperback: 246 pages Learn More
  15. Self-Inflicted Hunting Arguments: Biblical Responses to a Loaded Issue

    Self-Inflicted Hunting Arguments: Biblical Responses to a Loaded Issue


    FIND out what the Scriptures say regarding God’s constant concern and care for animals and birds. DISCOVER what the Bible has to say about humans and the history of hunting. AVOID using groundless arguments when expressing your personal views on hunting. LEARN how nature as we know it will one day be changed. ...AND MUCH MORE! This unique book, written by a former poacher, contains ten arguments (five pro-hunting and five anti-hunting) which are frequently used to either defend or condemn hunting. These arguments are addressed from a biblical perspective and shown to be either entirely false or, at minimal, less than accurate. Chapter titles include: God Made Animals for Us to Eat Thou Shalt Not Kill! I Eat Everything I Kill I Could Never Kill an Animal Hunting Helps Our Economy Animals Are People Too! I Enjoy Hunting Hunting Causes Animals Unnecessary Suffering Hunting Is My Right as an American! Jesus Was a Vegetarian In addition to the hunting arguments readers are treated to a creative essay titled "Would Jesus Shoot Bambi?" which answers a hypothetical question posed to Dr. Rakow during a live radio broadcast. Learn More

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